Arrgh no aggressive alligators on deck

No bite marks or scratchinng of sensitive components

Almost perfect is not good enough!

Say goodbye to long wobbly arms with limited precison 


Easy set-up

I just wanted to thank you for making such a great product. Everything from the packaging, instructions, to the finish of the parts and of course the awesome design is perfect. I have spent hundreds of dollars on other third hands. The omnifixo will replace all of them. I can comfortably say that it's the only third hand I will ever need to use again. 

Mail feedback from Matt H - Australia

Can it hold that?!

Keep stuff in "order" while working with projects

Lean the back of the clip towards the base for a defined 90 degree position

Upside down ?

Position the clip upside down on the magnet feet for a semi-locked low mode.

Easy to store and transport

Most of us have limited space in your workshops - Omnifixo is easy to store and does not take unnecessary space when not in use and it is easy to bring with you for field work.



VIDEO - Standard mode

VIDEO - PCBA work modes

VIDEO - Extreme precision

VIDEO - SMD support

Technical data

Soldering the tiny 0,48“ OLED display to the ESP32 Pico D4 board

maker moekoe

" High quality stuff! All the way from the box down to the brass bushings inserted into the plastic and the stainless steel."

hp.rep.mek - Instagram

"love the omnifixo kit, it made everything so much easier!"