B2B orders summary

Order value above €300 ($320)

For B2B orders exceeding the threshold, please contact me directly at johann@omnifixo.com and I will facilitate the process.

Order value below €300 ($320)

For B2B orders below the threshold, a service fee of €15 is required. To place a small B2B order, please set up an account on my website, including your VAT number and both shipping and billing addresses. Use the additional address field provided. Before placing your order, contact me via email as I cannot apply any VAT exceptions to your account once the order has been submitted. I will only ship after the payment of the invoice is registered (by card or bank).


Omnifixo AB is a one-man operation, so I need to be selective about the service levels I can manage. To keep the business running smoothly, I’ve streamlined everything from fulfillment to bookkeeping and dealing with taxes. This setup works great for regular B2C orders, helping me keep costs down and prices reasonable.

However, things get tricky with non-standard processes. Tasks like checking VAT numbers, entering data into different purchasing systems, reporting VAT, and waiting on delayed payments that need manual bookkeeping really eat into my time. There’s also a lot of back-and-forth emailing to collect all the necessary order details. In short, the extra effort makes smaller B2B orders not worth it for me financially.


PS I'm looking at solutions to integrate B2B directly in the shop but so far the solutions available are way too expensive for my small business.