• Magnetic joint with "rubber nub" friction

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Magnetic joint with "rubber nub" friction

Spring loaded parallel jaws

Compact joints

Large clamp opening

Conductive clamps, Low mode, Pin holder, Heavy load , Cliff hanger, Stacking, ...

Unique parallel clamping

Precision magnetic ball joint

Easy positioning of your components without any kick-back.
Slide the feet along the magnetic base to find the best possible working position.
flipp the magnet feet upside down for a low friction mode for super precision work.

Versatile, precise & stable

Precise and easy

Component testing

You know this already but anyway....trash talking other concepts ;-)

Arrgh no aggressive alligators on deck

No bite marks or scratchinng of sensitive components

Almost perfect is not good enough!

Say goodbye to long wobbly arms with limited precison 

VIDEO - Standard mode

VIDEO - PCBA work modes

VIDEO - Extreme precision

VIDEO - SMD support

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I just wanted to thank you for making such a great product. Everything from the packaging, instructions, to the finish of the parts and of course the awesome design is perfect. I have spent hundreds of dollars on other third hands. The omnifixo will replace all of them. I can comfortably say that it's the only third hand I will ever need to use again. 

Mail feedback from Matt H - Australia