Unique parallel clamping

Versatile, precise & stable

Component testing

VIDEO - 01 The Basics

VIDEO - 02 - Features

VIDEO - 03 - More features

YouTube review by Norm at Tested - "The best soldering stand?"

Review by Joshua Bardwell

You know this already but anyway....trash talking other concepts ;-)

No aggressive alligators

Secure clamping without bite marks or scratching

Almost perfect is not good enough!

Say goodbye to long wobbly arms with limited precison 

  • Magnetic joint with "rubber nub" friction

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Magnetic joint with "rubber nub" friction

Spring loaded parallel jaws

Compact joints

Large clamp opening

Conductive clamps, Low mode, Pin holder, Heavy load , Cliff hanger, Stacking, ...

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I can comfortably say that it's the only third hand I will ever need to use again. 

Mail feedback from Matt H - Australia

I just wanted to thank you for making such a great product. Everything from the packaging, instructions, to the finish of the parts and of course the awesome design is perfect.

Nick US

The omnifixo will replace all of them.

Bert Germany

Designed in Sweden for makers everywhere

To keep complexity down and to be able to offer great quality to a reasonable cost, my products are almost exclusively sold through this shop (exception AU) and manufactured by me in Taiwan. I offer a super awesome warranty, if you ever have a problem with any of my products, let me know and I will fix! 

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