I over promised


As you already noticed I over promised and didn't deliver your order on time! I'm very sorry, I'm still too naive regarding the complexity of hardware production.

Everything is ready for final assembly BUT one small, but yet so important step: laser etching of the base. The delay is partly because of a aesthetical quality issue that I couldn't accept but also because I wanted to introduce a new very small but kind of cool feature that was a bit more complex than I imagined.

Yesterday I got final samples from production so now it feels safe to reveal it to you.

The feature is an area on the Base where you can "ground" one clip. Then there is another spot with bare metal where you can feed, ground or measure that clips potential (see picture). 

I hope you will like this new feature and forgive me for being so slow.

I'm aiming to ship your order by the end of August. If you don't want to wait anymore I totally understand and will refund you promptly if you decide to cancel your order.

Thanks for being so patient, I'm really trying my best without compromising on anything except time obviously!


Ps. Omnifixo is a "one man show ''. This means I know "everything" about the company, product, production and shipping and that I can have the best service ever but also I take the full blame for anything that goes wrong.

For the same reason please excuse slow responses!

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