Clip assembly starts Monday the 7:th of June

Manufacturing is never a smooth ride, I thought I had it figured out but nope!

Main problem is still Covid and production backlogs that are messing things up and making production unpredictable. In my particular case production of some key parts has been delayed.

Very sorry about this, it is embarrassing ! Target is to start shipping in the later parts of July.

If you have made an order and don't want to wait this long just let me know and I will of course do a full refund!

As a teaser to keep you on ;-) I can reveal that I will introduce a new feature, small but kind of cool, more on that later….



Terry W.

Johann, Recently received my OMNIFIXO and it is fantastic! Nicely made and a great little product. I wanted to let you know there appears to be a bad link on the BACK of your package, upper right corner, INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE WWW.OMINFIXO.COM. (Spelled wrong?)

Terry W., USA


Hello Johann ! i live in france and i would like to buy you’r product.
For sending to France, the waiting times will be longer than for people living in the United States? Thanks in advance for your time

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