High quality stuff! - hp.rep.mek @ Instagram

Omnifixo third hand adjustable fixtures for soldering and glueing and whatnot👍

I saw the ad here on Instagram and thought I should buy it and test it.

A Swedish guy it seems, had an idea and has perfected that vision... I have been needing something like this for many years now.

I have been placing heavy objects onto cables so I can at least have one hand free for holding the part that needs the soldering, and therefore had trouble feeding the solder to the right place🤪

High quality stuff!

All the way from the box down to the brass bushings inserted into the plastic and the stainless steel.
Rubber inserts in the magnets give some drag and helps with the positioning (I think). A small bag with some replacement silicone tips and a small 2.5 mm hex key (and a small lanyard of some sorts, for hanging the magnetic base probably). I have only checked the website and can’t find the lanyard anywhere🥴